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Copper Garage Doors



Lifetime WarrantyMartin's one-of-a-kind copper garage door. This stylish and modern model is comprised of a pure Copper front and your choice of construction styles (i2 Copper + R8 Insulation + Steel or i3 Copper + R14 Insulation + Steel). Your choice of Martin’s designer window options are also available to add to this model. Martin’s beautiful copper door also includes a hardware kit with a white powder coated finish.

Panel Styles

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Single/Double Width    

Garage Door Short Panel Style Panel Designs  
Garage Door Long Panel Style
  Short       Long  

Garage Door Ribbed Panel Style  
Garage Door Grooved Panel Style
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Copper Insulated Garage Door

i3 Copper + Insulation + Steel

This insulation construction provides a fully insulated R8 Value that is durable, and has minimal upkeep.

  • 2” thick door construction
  • Eco-friendly insulation with steel-backing
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation
Insulation Cutaway

i4 Copper + Insulation + Steel

For the strongest, energy-efficient door, this copper door includes superior eco-friendly insulation plus a layer of steel for a finished interior and added strength.

  • 2” thick door construction
  • Eco-friendly insulation with heavy-gauge continuous white steel-backing
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Very quiet operation

99.9% Copper

Installed with new copper and in time, the copper door will naturally change.