Strong Racks has been manufacturing overhead ceiling storage products for five years, and we have received direct feedback from thousands of customers over that time, leading us to develop better products that are easy to install, as well as the strongest and safest overhead racks on the market today.  We realize that in order to be successful, we need to give our customers original, innovative overhead garage storage products that not only help them to make the most use out of the available storage space in their garages, but are also easy to install for our customers that wish to do so.

The Strongest and safest Overhead Rack on the market today.

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750 pound weight capacity Overhead Rack is capable of being expanded into a 1000 pound weight capacity Overhead Wall Shelf, the strongest Overhead product available anywhere. Overhead Racks are perfect for storing plastic bins, boxes, holiday decorations, or any other large, bulky items that may otherwise clutter a garage. Available in a white or smoked chrome finish at no extra cost, the Strong Racks 4’x8’ 750 pound capacity Overhead Rack is the most popular Overhead product that The Garage Organization Company offers, and is the perfect storage solution for any garage.