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Can I Repair my Own Garage Door Spring?  High Tension Hazard!

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Safety Is Priority Number One Installing Garage Door Springs!

This particular garage door job included both sectional and rolling doors, both of which are extremely heavy.  The sectional garage door shown in the photo is 22′ wide x 12′ high and it weighs somewhere around 800 – 1,000 pounds! That garage door is lifted by two huge torsion springs on a solid shaft.  

Garage Door Spring Replacement
Garage Door Spring Replacement – Martin Garage Door of Nevada

Beware!  Many online garage door repair videos are posted by well-meaning professionals showing off their trade.  But unless you are fully trained with years of experience, do NOT work on garage door springs yourself.  Safety is essential in all types of garage door work, and thousands of do-it-yourselfers are hospitalized each year because they tried to service their own doors!  You are well-advised to always call professional technicians and installers, who should be certified to OSHA standards with years of experience.  One slip-up can be disastrous, even among professionals.  

Because garage doors are so heavy, their torsion springs must be very powerful.  A set of springs is calculated and sized to work on each different size and type of garage doors.  They are specifically adapted to the weight and size of the door.  The springs are designed to turn the torsion shaft, which is made of engineered steel. As the springs wind and unwind, they turn the torsion shaft. The door is lifted by means of garage door cables and drums that are located at each end of the torsion shaft.  The cable lengths must be precisely matched to the door according to the weight, height and drum size.  The drums, cables and drums must be correctly sized and installed. The number of turns on the springs is calculated so that the Door is balanced against gravity and will stop at the correct position.   If springs, drums, cables and cables are not sized and installed correctly, the door can become very hazardous.

The Bottom Line

Replacing garage door springs can be challenging and pose risks if not done correctly. It requires specific tools, knowledge of the garage door system, and proper safety precautions. If you have experience with mechanical repairs and feel confident in your abilities, you may be able to replace the springs yourself. However, if you’re unsure or if you did this type of repair before, it’s best to hire a professional technician. Garage door springs are under high tension and can cause serious injury if mishandled. Additionally, improper installation can lead to further damage to your garage door or even personal injury. So, unless you’re experienced and equipped for the job, it is much safer to leave this job to the professionals.  Why take the risk?

Martin Garage Doors of Nevada is your source for professional repairs and for all kinds of residential and commercial garage doors, gates, dock levelers and other dock equipment, fire doors, grilles, and much more. The company is accredited by the Institute for Door Education and Accreditation, and the technicians are also certified by that organization. Installers and technicians are also OSHA certified.  Call Martin today for all of your garage door needs! 

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