How does 7 years of desert weather change a Martin copper garage door? It’s called “patina.” But the inside is still as bright as a new penny (inset). After 7 more years, maybe it’ll be green! This door, located in Meadview, Arizona, was installed in 2011. A dark patina has overtaken it, and in a few years green spots will appear, until the entire door is copper green.

Copper – a thing of beauty! Think of the Statue of Liberty, 65,000 pounds of pure copper worth Millions of Dollars. Martin real copper garage doors are a bargain in comparison, but they will also turn the same green.
But all copper is not created equal. A good patina artist can put dozens of different finishes on a copper garage door, then a clear coat finish can preserve it for years to come.

Copper has other advantages as well. Copper will not corrode or rust, even on the seacoast. It is one of the few elements that will last in places like beachfronts, mountains or desert. Once it turns green, it will last for hundreds of years. Not unlike the statue of liberty!