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Martin Garage Doors of Nevada

Rated 4.9 out of 3253 reviews

One of our customers didn’t know how to post an online review, so he emailed it to me. Such a great review I thought I’d post it here!

Every so often, a customer can’t navigate the Internet well enough to publish a review. This customer decided to email me his review so I thought I’d publish it here.

“I wanted to take a moment to compliment a technician named Mike who came to out home Yesterday (7-10-17) to replace the spring on the garage door used by my Wife.

“Before I do that, let me tell you why I chose Martin Door instead of your competitors. People, for the most part, never think about their garage doors. They simply expect them to work, and they nearly always do. My wife and I are both seniors and in our entire life we’ve only made 3 calls for garage door service! We don’t worry about them because they just work…until they don’t!

“About 6 or 7 years ago, the spring on MY side which is a 2 car sized door needed a new spring. At that time, I went to the yellow pages and for reasons I no longer remember I selected Martin.

“Here’s what I DO remember about that service call. I was given an approximate time for the repair for ‘that same day’ which I thought was AWESOME! The tech was on-time, and he not only replaced the spring, he got the door back on the rails, then he lubed the new spring, rails, wheels, and about 30 minutes later – when he was finished he asked if he could put a Martin Doors Sticker under my garage door openers (inside the garage). I said “Sure’ and there’s where it stayed all these years. Every day, my wife and I each get at least one or more advertising impressions from that sticker every time we open or close the garage door. Simple but effective advertising.

“So, when my wife’s door spring broke, I told her to call the company on the sticker that was right under our garage door openers. There were also stickers on the garage doors for one of your competitors. They’re probably the folks that installed the doors back in 1995 when the house was built but we never see that sticker, we see the Martin Doors sticker every time we go out or come in.

“When my wife called Martin Doors on Monday the was promised a service call between 1 and 4 pm for Monday afternoon. I’m the one who would be home at that time. By 3 pm or so, I hadn’t heard from anybody to alert me that they were on the way so I told her to let you folks know that. She called me back and said they were very busy but would definitely get to us that day.

“Some time later, Mike called and said he was finishing up a job on the other side of town and he apologized for missing the 1 pm to 4 pm window. He assured me he’d be there asap.

“A short while later my doorbell rang. I opened the door and the tech. in his Martin Doors uniform introduced himself and apologized immediately for the delay. The monogrammed uniform and his immediate self introduction and apology were effective. They were effective because the instant result of that action by him caused me to be at ease and secure that I knew who was at my door and that they regretted that my time had been encroached upon.

“Effectively, he defused a potentially unpleasant greeting by beating me to the punch and “falling on his sword” all within 4 or 5 seconds of my opening the door.

He had his ladder in his hands and some tools.

“I told him I’d open MY garage door and he could get in THAT way and he replied “GREAT!”

“I moved quickly thru the house to the garage and opened MY garage double door and he was inside in a flash. In less than 15 seconds he assessed the situation and was heading back to his truck for additional supplies.

“He was immediately at work. We exchanged pleasantries and some other conversation but he never stopped working nor did he have to return to his truck. As a result, hi finished the job in what I considered to be blinding speed. Upon completion he lubed up the spring, rails, wheels and then went to my door and lubed it as well! I was surprised. He’d gotten it all done in around 15 minutes!!!! I was a bit shocked when I saw the price for the job bet he explained he doesn’t set the prices. I gave him my credit card and was surprised and relieved to see that he used a tablet based application to process the credit card instead of writing down the information. It made me feel secure that my credit info was safe. He thanked me and apologized again for the delay and then shook my hand and wished me a good evening.

“This expensive and “late” service call was overall a very pleasant experience and I think Mike should be recognized for the standards of excellence he demonstrated on this call.

“I would also like to thank Mr. Martin for his follow-up call sometime between 8 and 9 pm that night. You told me you were calling to make sure we’d been served and the problem resolved. This type of customer satisfaction and follow-up is lacking in almost 100% of businesses. The sale isn’t over when the bill is paid and the tech leaves. That sale goes on for years. If it’s a bad experience it not only goes on for years but it also spreads among friends and neighbors. If it’s a good experience it gets shared too but with more positive results.

“Because of a service call for my door several years ago, a Martin Tech put a sticker on the wall where my garage door buttons are. As a result, when my wife’s door failed 7 years later, our first though was Lets’ call Martin Doors, and we did.

I worked as a sales and marketing for AT&T for 28 years and I have a business. I always impressed on my sales and support people that they sale is not over once the contract is signed or the product/service is provided. you need to always thank the customer for their business and make sure they’re satisfied THEN, and it’s even a good ideal to call them IN THE FUTURE to see that they’re STILL satisfied. It’s always a good idea to ask them if they’re thinking of making any other changes, or noticing any thing out of the norm and reminding them that if they’re needs ever call for Garage door care again, The Martin Doors Sticker is right at their fingertips…like our was.

“Thanks again,

David S”

July 12, 2017

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