A Little Goes a Long Way

Is Your Garage Door Squeaking?

When lubricating your garage door, a “little goes a long way!”  Garage door torsion springs will squeak without a little bit of oil.  (NOTE:  Do NOT oil the ends of the springs where the aluminum fittings are).  You can use expensive spray lubricants (not WD-40) or just common motor oil.  The old-fashioned oil can performs very well with garage door hardware.

A LOT of oil or grease will actually harm the performance of your door, especially in cold climates.  In the winter, the grease will harden which will slow down your door mechanism, or it may even bind up.  In the summer, the grease will liquify and drip on your car (or even on your head)!

Our technicians ran across these springs recently.  This homeowner had good intentions, but a few drops of oil do so much more than a bucket of good intentions.  Or a bucket of grease!