Most garage doors can be reinforced for high winds. This door in Henderson Nevada was blown out of the guides by high winds in one of our storms recently. Building codes require reinforcement but the inspectors don’t always check for it.

Even residential garage doors require reinforcement.  If you order a garage door from a dealer who is not aware of this fact, you will likely receive an unrated door or one rated at only about 50 MPH.  Yet most parts of Southern Nevada require reinforcement for 90 MPH wind speeds.

This is a serious problem which costs insurance carriers $Millions of dollars per year!  When ordering a garage door for your home or commercial building, be sure to specify that it meets the local wind requirements of the building code.

Otherwise, the wind may huff and puff and blow your door in!

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This garage door was not reinforced for wind

Most garage doors can be reinforced for wind – this one was not.