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Two men dead in murder-suicide after man uses old garage door code to break into Texas home

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Always delete old garage door codes!

Two people have died in a murder-suicide after a man broke into a Texas home. An ex-boyfriend arrived at the home where he used to live in Cypress, north-west of Houston, at about 3.15am on Monday and started beating the garage door.
Police said that when no one answered, he entered his old garage door security code and went into the home.
He shot dead his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend and then killed himself.
His final Facebook post read: ‘I’m sorry y’all, I’ll see you on the other side’
Article Above By Emily Crane For Read more:
Garage door codes can be deleted and reset by homeowners. For instructions on how to do this, visit the garage door opener manufacturer’s website and find the instruction manual for your device.
Garage doors are extremely important for the security of the home, but a careless homeowner lets it became an open invitation for intruders. Proper steps must be taken by a diligent homeowner to protect the home.
Remotes should never be left in view even in a locked car. A garage door remote left innocently in a car can equip a vandal with a key to your home. As a current crime wave will attest, parking lot vandals who spot a remote will break into the car and steal it along with the vehicle registration (which has the property address)!
A clear window on a garage door encourages nighttime burglars to shine a flashlight inside searching for valuable items. Always tint garage door windows with a deep color to reduce the ability to see through it.
Garage doors that are not wind-loaded are easy invitations for teenagers and a damaging practice called “door diving.” Flimsy garage doors can be pushed in by running into the center of them which can bend in the door sufficiently to knock it right out of the track and leave the door laying on the ground. Make sure your garage door has been wind loaded and reinforced with heavy struts on the inside.
Garage doors require regular care. Always remember that failure to have professional maintenance on your garage door at least every 1-4 years (depending on frequency of use) can allow the door to become hazardous.
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