We replaced this opener yesterday, 1980’s vintage Liftmaster 1020C with NO PHOTO EYES! Very risky, out of code since 1995. Make sure your garage door has photo eyes no more than 6″ above the floor! Notice the wireless wall button.
The problem is that without photo eyes or other equivalent safety system, you and your children are at risk if the garage door spring breaks, or if the power goes out and you try to work it by hand, or if you are in the way when the door closes.
Garage Doors all need professional maintenance every 3-4 years if not more often. But it seems that garage doors are one of the most neglected products in the home, even though they are the largest moving part of most homes. They need lubrication, adjustment and TLC or they can become hazardous.
If your garage door opener does not have photo eyes (or another equivalent safety system) mounted about 6″ or less from the floor, your garage door is out of code and it can be hazardous. Call us today for a preventive maintenance on your door! I hope we don’t discover something like the opener shown in this photo in your garage!
BTW … Anyone seen one of these in recent history?
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