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Martin Garage Doors of Nevada

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Take a look in your car window… Is your garage door remote visible? Did you know that a common practice among burglars is to break into a car, steal your vehicle registration (for your address), and your GARAGE DOOR REMOTE?! They then go to your home and with easy access raise little-to-no suspicion and take whatever they want. AT YOUR EXPENSE. And you have no idea anything is wrong until you get home, try to open your garage, and realize your remote is GONE. By then, said burglars, are long gone and so are your valuables.

So, look in your car window again… and if your remote is visible, move it. To an uncommon place. The common places to find remotes are visors, ash trays, center consoles, and the glove box. And make sure it is not visible from the outside.

Take this small step towards your home security!

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