Vertical Lift Garage Doors.

These are 14′ high doors and the ceiling was high enough to run them straight up the wall. We can do this on both commercial and residential garage doors!  Ceiling heights are different in nearly every garage, especially in commercial settings such as warehouses, government buildings, storage barns, hotels, factories, and so forth.  Garage doors can be adapted to the highest and even the lowest ceilings.

For high ceilings “vertical lift” and “high lift” conversions are available.  For low ceilings, “low headroom” or “low clearance” is available.

We are also called on to install garage racks from time to time.  In this situation you may want the lowest possible garage door tracks so that you will have as much storage space as possible.

Call Martin for all of your special garage door needs, including headroom conversions and adaptations.

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Vertical Lift Garage Doors

We can adapt to any ceiling height in your garage or building.